Who Will Enjoy Life on the Ibiza Island

Ibiza is truly one of the best places to visit on the Balearic Archipelago. Despite the fact, that this is definitely the perfect destination for clubbers and night birds, it is also famous for its delicious food, wine, picturesque recreation areas, and nice people. Property for sale Ibiza means easily becoming a neighbor of world known celebrity like Naomi Campbell or Orlando Bloom. Moreover, Ibiza is the place where you can forget about rules and get into the atmosphere of hippy culture or find yourself in crazy rhythms of nightlife. Anyway, everyone will enjoy life on Ibiza Island.

How to Get There

You could use Lufthansa, Iberia or British Airways to fly to Ibiza Island from major European cities. However, if you are more about traveling by car or by ship, then take a ferry from Barcelona to Ibiza. On average, one-way ticket for one person with a car will cost you 180 euro.

When to Go There

Even those who have never been to Ibiza know the answer to this question. Of course, it’s better to visit Ibiza is summer and early autumn. It all depends on your preferences. From October to April is a quiet and calm period on Ibiza. Many beaches and clubs are closed. There are practically no tourists in the city. Property for sale Ibiza is moderate and affordable during the off-season period.

The island in the summer means no rest until dawn, swimming and dancing on a hot beach in the morning. Yes, nobody will let you sleep there, as the DJs on Ibiza are making music on almost all famous beaches around the clock. The peak of the season begins in July and ends in late August.

Where to Go

The island is not very huge, but, however, you will not be able to check all the interesting places in two days. Platja d’En Bossa region is the main tourist center of Ibiza. There are the coolest and the most famous clubs here and the most popular DJs from around the world visit this place.

Santa Eularia is truly a gastronomic place with many restaurants in the neighborhood. All those who want to try the most unique dishes in Spain should come there. Sant Antoni is a beautiful resort area. It is a perfect place for families with children. There you will find where to walk, swim in the shallow bays and enjoy your vacations on comfortable beaches.

Sant Miguel is an absolutely different part of Ibiza. There are the most luxurious palaces, surrounded by natural landscapes. You can walk through the Old Town, visit some of the museums, look at the yachts at the seaport and watch street performances for tourists. Ibiza’s best and largest public beach is Playa D’en Bossa.

Las Salinas is a more glamorous beach with golden sand, where some celebrities and businessmen relax. It’s a very fashionable place where you can find amazing food in restaurants for each taste. Seafood is always fresh and delicious there. Restaurants propose dozens of unusual cooking options.

As you see, Ibiza offers all the services for perfect vacations. However, you could enjoy life there as well.

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